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The Strength of a dream

The world was facing its first great war and Einstein announced his theory of relativity when, in the fields of Jumilla, a man was working hard to harvest his first ripe grapes.

Time ran to the beat of the first harvest of Juan Gil Giménez, who wrote the first chapter of a story that has lasted for generations with his legacy of effort and enthusiasm.


A 21st Century winery

With the turn of the millennium, the family winery has overcome the highs and lows of almost a hundred years, and it is moving towards modernity.

The family's knowledge of the land and the wine remains intact, illuminated by the arrival of technology and specialisation. The Juan Gil wines are now sold around the world.


New branches of the family tree.

The new century faces renewed challenges, as exciting as the first label of our pioneer. The family trademark grows with the incorporation of several small wineries with artisanal methods and a similar emotional attachment to small but selected productions.

New wines with the character of their regions of origin are incorporated helping the family to grow.


The music of the earth

If a storm is the opera of the vineyards, wine aspires to a symphony. The devotion of the Gil family for the vine has been transformed into a creative cultural project.

With the 4th generation of the family leading the winery, the Gil Soundtrack Award was conceived being the competition of original soundtracks with the biggest prize in the world.


A diverse lineage of the wine

The family history opens to the fresh air of new wineries and new ideas.

To respond with gratitude to the generosity that, for a century, the land has given us, we support cultural and social projects in harmony with the family philosophy: tenacity at work and the promise of the vine.

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