The Scarlet Essence of the Earth

In the border terrain where the maritime Levante is left behind to face the flatness of La Mancha, the grapes of Garnacha Tintorera and Monastrell flourish. As if they were enchanted, the old vines seem to like these low-fertile limestone soils suffering from scarce rainfalls. Located at an altitude of 700 metres, they produce concentrated fruits that give a burst of varietal characteristics, flavours and aromas.

Ancient battles resound through this rocky area, and even older, the hunts that were engraved in caves. Its vines retain the strength of centuries. New methods have resulted in the freshness of fruits and flowers and complexity of the blend.

The Garnacha Tintorera grape with its violet pulp is predominant, yet the sweetness and strength of the Monastrell is noticeable in the blend.

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