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Bernardo Rojas will receive on December 3rd the Gil Soundtrack Award 2020 from hands from the Oscar winner to the best BSO for

29 / 10 / 2020

Bernardo Rojas recibirá el 3 de diciembre el Gil Soundtrack Award 2020 de manos de la ganadora del Oscar a la mejor BSO por “Joker”.

Musicians of 49 different nationalities have competed for the Gil Soundtrack Award 2020, endowed with 50,000 euro by Gil Family Estates, to promote the training of young talent.The winning soundtrack will give personality to the short film "Somos Tierra, by Argentinean filmmaker Agustina Macri, an emotional reflection on the value of loving and caring for the earth. And the commitment to the roots.Despite the difficulty of the call, in the middle of global confinement, this Spanish contest has achieved a record participation of 250 young musicians from 49 countries: Spain, Colombia, USA, Canada, Colombia, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Iran, China, Germany, Japan, New Zealand, Finland, Malaysia, Thailand, Peru, Cuba, Belgium, Australia, Portugal, Russia, Brazil, Mexico, Israel, Greece, Hungary, Ecuador, Argentina, Guatemala, Poland...

Why "Heart of Earth" is the winning composition.

"My work Heart of Earth aims to connect all people with their roots, nature and essence," says Bernardo Rojas. He is a young Colombian musician of 29 years old, resident in Spain, student of the Conservatori Liceu of Barcelona and specialist in composition for audiovisuals.His work "Corazón de Tierra" has been designated by the jury as worthy of the Gil Soundtrack Award 2020 for the taste and skill in the modulations and tonality changes used.According to the decision of the jury, chaired by Hildur Guðnadóttir, the first woman to win an Oscar for Best Original Soundtrack, for "Joker": "The score is at the service of narrative, it helps to tell the story. And its structure is full of little nuances, which make it fit the film like a glove".

Rebellion in the face of adversity has led to a record participation

Gil Soundtrack Award is a biannual international award created by Viñas Familia Gil to promote young talent. This year it celebrates its third edition. And despite being the most complex year in its history, its spirit of rebellion and commitment to culture in the face of adversity has managed to connect with young people and break participation records: 250 works presented by musicians between 18 and 35 years old, in the midst of global confinement."It is curious to see how the award was born to give life and trajectory to the effort of young musicians and composers and... this year, it was the young people who gave life to this edition during the confinement" - declares Juan Gil Vera, representative of the Gil Family in the jury andone of the main architects of the award. "With the award, we want to thank them and raise awareness of the importance of culture, education, perseverance and work well done. Of nonconformity in the face of adversity, in these difficult and strange days we are living here in Spainand around the world," he concludes.

50,000 euro for the winner, destined to complete his musical career.

The Gil Soundtrack Award is an international Spanish award, unique in its category and the largest in the world. Its mission is to promote and value the work of thousands of young composers, who are responsible for giving universal emotional identity to films, video games, documentaries and audiovisual projects of all kinds.Watch the short film and winning soundtrack here:

The finalists:

“Heaven on Earth” by David Heymann (USA).“The Labour of Love” by Joseph Reda (Canada).“Generation Earth” by Joaquim Badia Arumí (Spain).“The Light Catchers” by Lucie Treacher (United Kingdom).“El último viaje” by Alicia Fernández Morote (Spain).“Our Land” by Ana Krstajic (Serbia).“Memories of the Countryside” by Gian Marco Verdone (Italy).“Fuente de Vida” by Zuzana Michlerová (Czech Republic).“Tierras de España” by Ander Martin Carricas (Spain).“Our Land” by Pedro Osuna Ardoy (Spain).“El Viaje de Nuestras Vidas” by Rubén Gallardo Acedo (Spain).Next stop: Gil Soundtrack Award 2020.The last stop for this award will be next Thursday, December 3rd, with the gala award ceremony to be held on the stage of the Príncipe Pío Station in Madrid, with maximum security measures and with the aim of making visible a cultural event that, more than ever, needs the support of artists, professionals and companies committed to the sector.

The Gil Soundtrack Awar 2020 jury: sum of talents

Symbolizing the support to the beginnings of the talents, Hildur Guðnadóttir (first woman Academy Award winner, for Joker), has been elected president of the jury of the present edition. And as members called to review all the works presented, selection of finalists and finaldeliberation, the 2020 jury has been completed with the talent of Constantino Martínez-Orts (director of the Film Symphony Orchestra), the sensitivity of Lucio Godoy (composer), the intelligence of Roque Baños (composer) and the energy of Juan Gil Vera (Gil Soundtrack Awardwinner).More information

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