Juan Gil Bodegas Estates launches its II Soundtrack Composition Contest with a prize of €50,000

The “Academia del Cine de Madrid” was the place chosen by Juan Gil Bodegas Estates to present its II International Contest of Soundtrack Composition.  As in the previous edition, this prize has the largest financial award in the world for a competition of this nature: €50,000 to a single winner who must be between 18 and 35 years old.

Competition rulescan be consulted at www.juangilsoundtrack.com, as well as the visualization of the short film of 2018 to which music entitled “Esencia” must be composed.

“Esencia”is directed by José Mellado, its screenplay is the work of TessyDíez and is starred by Jon Arias, who has Rafael Sandoval and MarielaGarriga as co-partners.  We can also find Armando del Río and Imanol Arias, among other actors.

Works of musical composition in competition must be original and unpublished. The admission period runs from 20thFebruary to 9th June 2018. As in the first edition, the jury will be presided by RoqueBaños and will also include Lucio Godoy, ConstantinoMartínez-Orts and Juan Gil Vera, in addition to another composer of international prestige – in the first edition was BroceBrouhgton.

The managers of Bodegas Juan Gil (the brothers Juan, Ángel and Miguel Gil), Constantino Martinez-Orts (member of the jury, director of the Film Symphony Orchestra (FSO) and in charge of directing the winning band) and José Mellado were in the presentation at the Academy. In their speeches, it was highlighted that “the objective that Juan Gil pursues with this initiative is to give back to society the much that it has given us.Our wines and brands are what they are thanks to the support we have had from society around the world. We believe that encouraging young talents to get an award that helps them in their beginnings is a good way to achieve it. Wine and art are strongly united, as can be seen in this initiative that has the support of great Spanish actors to whom I thanks for their commitment to this project” stated Miguel Gil. For their part, Constantino Martinez-Orts and José Mellado commented on the artistic quality of the short film and, furthermore, they stressed how important it is the fact that “it is a Spanish company the one that launches the greatest prize in the world for young composers. It is an unprecedented fact the Gil Family’s strong commitment to young talents”.

“Esencia” is a story that reflects effort, pride in your land, spirit of sacrifice, love, courage and reward. The main actor is Jon Arias; he embodies the figure of Pablo, a young stonemason (winkling at the founder of Juan Gil, who left his profession as stonemason to start up Bodegas Juan Gil and launch his first wine in 1916) who is recruited by a wealthy person of the time (played by Rafael Sandoval) to look for the treasure that his father left in inheritance. A treasure that only the nobles of heart will find and which will have the power to melt diamonds into white gold and maroon gold. Years of searching through all the lands on the map come to an end when the wealthy son does not believe in his father’s words and, on the contrary, Paul discovers what the treasure really is. A path that goes along with a muse, MarielaGarriga, who shows us the different faces of what is truly “Esencia”. The places where it has been filmed show the strength and beauty of Jumilla, the place where Bodegas Juan Gil was born and where today is also located the headquarters of the Juan Gil Family Wineries group and that already expands with 12 own wineries by 10 Denominations of Origin different from all the Spanish geography.

The International Soundtrack Contest is born in 2016 within the celebration of the 100 harvests of Juan Gil, to which 115 works by authors from more than 20 different nationalities were presented.  It is the success of participation and the interest aroused by it what causes admiration on the part of the Gil Family towards the great composers in the world. This causes that in 2018, the competition is consolidated with the launch of its second edition. Thus, the Juan Gil International Soundtrack Competition will be held biennially, thus formalising the Gil Family’s commitment to culture.

In this second edition, the premiere of the award-winning work – played simultaneously with the screening of the short film – and the award ceremony will take place on 15 November 2018 at the Víctor Villegas Auditorium in Murcia (Spain), at the Film Symphony Orchestra concert.