Non-interventionist techniques.
Sustainable glass bottles.
Removal of allergens.

Our Oenology Department is constantly making special efforts in regard to wine elaboration processes, mainly by caring of the details in order to maintain the product quality vintage after vintage. We truly respect the nature of every grape variety, which means implementing production systems by non-interventionist techniques.

Alongside Veralia, a collaborative project has been carried out by developing a bottle of glass, using 28% less of glass, allowing us to maintain both the quality of our product and the aesthetic. This significant change: helps us to reduce the carbon footprint and increases the transport efficiency by 4% in the so-called light bottles that we use in all our entry-level portfolio.

In addition, we are working on several lines in regard to the removal of allergens in our wines: removal of histamines, drastic decrease of sulphurous in our wines and certified productions fit for vegans.

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