Reducing the emission of greenhouse gases.
50 % of wine marketed is organically certified.
29 % waste reduction.

The 4th generation of the Familia Gil has always had as top priority the construction of efficient wineries, both aesthetic and functional. At Viñas Familia Gil, several strategies are employed: clean energies, Energy efficiency scheme and optimization of water usage. One example is the air-conditioned logistic base located in Jumilla, which consists of 5.000 square meters. Montsant, Borja and Jumilla wineries are disconnected from the electric grid, operating Just by self-produced solar energy.

Viñas Familia Gil has constructed several solar power farms in their different appellations. The most remarkable one is the solar power farm installed among La Aragona vines (Jumilla). The aforementioned solar panel farm is capable of producing 1.4 MWH of energy, which implies the equivalent of the energy consumed by 850 homes in a whole year. Lt generates more energy than the energy consumed by all the facilities from Viñas Familia Gil.

Juan Gil-Viñas Familia Gil winery forms part of the selected group of three Spanish wineries who strive for the challenging commitment of reducing the emission of greenhouse gases (GEI). Furthermore, we have earned the rank of Spanish Wineries for Emission Reduction Plus (WFCP+).

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